The BAOTAZ Ecosystem is a complex environment whose aim is to enable coexistence and to create connections, interconnections and meaningful relations among its inhabitants. Here are presented the main outputs emerged during the Summer School Process. Other materials and focus on the ones here displayed can be seen and used on the La Cura Summer School’s GitHub.


The BAOTAZ brain is an interactive work that can communicate data and sensoriality. How can an analog work technically communicate real-time data? Which are the possible actuator? How is it technically and semiotically possible to create a clear experience that can be able to sensitise?
From these questions, the group has designed the work ensuring an immersive experience within the Baotaz world.
All the materials, from sketches to the final design are free to be seen and used.

Wearable BAOTAZ

Wearable BAOTAZ is a device able to transmit collected data from Human Ecosystem directly to the body. The wearable device is a helmet, in which front section are applicated 13 vibrating micro motors. Thanks to these 13 micro motors, the helmet transmits collected data (with Human Ecosystems) to the person who wears it, setting up the vibration intensity and movement spread.
BAOTAZ Wearable donates a new sensoriality to the person, the empathic interconnection sense.


The data visualization has been built to display and represent, as far as possible, the complexity, layering and contradictory nature of what it means “Living in the world.”
Starting from the objective stated and agreed to produce a digital artifact leaning platform Human Ecosystems, the process was deliberately left open, to make room for a reflection that could be placed at any point on the spectrum between the practical and conceptual, the provide insight and problematize.
The format obtained arises as a starting point for further refinements and reflections on the theme.
A working demo version of the Visualization is free to try at this link.