inhabiting the planet


How do the inhabitants of an interconnected planet relate to each other? What is an “augmented sense”? How do we develop new “sense-abilities” (aesthetic, neuro-psychological, social) related to being interconnected with (potentially) everyone else on the planet ?

Is the widespread availability of data and information produced by humans in networks using ubiquitous technologies a “commons”? Why are art and transdisciplinarity increasingly at the center of innovation processes?

BAOTAZ process has been conceived during “La Cura Summer School” from August 22nd to August 26th 2016, at ISIA Firenze (Italy) thanks to a transdisciplinary crew of artists, researchers, designers, philosophers, engineers, physicists, lawyers, architects, computer scientists, poets and thinkers.

They have come together to pioneer a new way to inhabit Earth and to develop a new sense-ability: Living the Planet as an Interconnected Mind.


From August 22nd  to 26th ISIA Design Firenze, at Villa Strozzi, was transformed into a transdisciplinary laboratory of science, arts, technology and design.  During the week-long process, the participants  created BAOTAZ: a process, a collaborative platform, an interactive installation and wearable technology that lets users experience on their bodies the emotions expressed in real time on social network around the planet, about “inhabiting’.

BAOTAZ is an immersive experience in which data, relationships, and emotions generated by our interconnected lives in the public space of the city and environment of an exhibition hall, will take shape in an interactive sculpture, until you get on our bodies.
After participating in Milan on 3 and 4 September 2016, at the XXI International Design Triennale at Expogate spaces as an element of the “Sharing Knowledge” conference, the BAOTAZ has moved to Pozzilli. It is now hosted by Neuromed Foundation as a permanent sculpture in the hall of the Institute.


The BAOTAZ has been conceived as a Meta-brand after a long decisional process. This has be seen as the most appropriate and useful model to accompany the platform and the whole ecosystem to expand and share itself around. As a Meta-brand it can be used by people to express themselves according to the principals of the Brand. Here some basic statements:

  • The logo can be downloaded. There are no restraints, everyone can use the logo and the material of BAOTAZ. Everyone can appropriate the design and inhabit in the ecosystem;
  • you can participate by making a Proposal. Proposals are very important in the BAOTAZ process: they give the chance to the users to share with all the community the idea or the need about an object. By doing so, the submitter of the proposal can also find help within the BAOTAZ environment and the readers of the proposal can find a chance to contribute to an object;
  • the design materials included in our Commons can be reused. They can be copied, modified, integrated or shared alike. At the end of the process they become part of the Commons as every other thing produced in this modality.